Gauteng Pumps c.c. provides pumping equipment for all applications.

We will select the most suitable equipment for the application. This invariably leads to the pump operating near to its best operating point with high efficiency leading to lower power consumption and reduced wear.

We supply centrifugal, end suction, self priming or horizontal split casing pumps, cast iron, bronze fitted, stainless steel, mechanical seal or gland packing, open or closed impellers. The pumps are normally mounted on mild steel baseplates, (painted or galvanised) and directly coupled to electric motors or diesel engines.

We have supplied fire pumps (A.S.I.B. and NFPA standards), diesel and electric driven, complete with control panels. (M.C.C. format or wall mounting) wired and commissioned for many projects. (Aflease; Mortimer; Black Rock; Black Mountain; Debswana; Finsch; Landau Colliery) (Camden Power Station; Grootvlei Power Station – NFPA 20).

We supply positive displacement pumps, borehole pumps, trailer mounted pumps. (Site or roadworthy)

Gauteng Pumps c.c. is the SOLE importer for the AFEC range of submersible pumps. The submersible pumps are designed for continuous duty operation with various designs suitable for dewatering, sewage applications, effluent and chemical transfer.

The pumps are manufactured and assembled by a proud multitask workforce resulting in the factories obtaining the ISO 9001 accreditation.

Gauteng Pumps will select the most efficient and economical package to suit the client requirements. Gauteng Pumps have supplied pumps, control panel, valves and associated equipment ranging from small booster sets to 550kw diesel driven fire pumps.